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Neal Brown of Hingham, MA is an attorney, sommelier and the founder of Âbout Wine

“I like wine.”  That was what I found myself commonly responding when asked about what I like and what I want to do when I “retire.”  I like wine a lot, and I know I’m not alone.

Âbout Wine is my attempt to share my knowledge and experience and passion for everything having to do with this magical potion. For the past several years, I have been teaching wine courses at a local wine shop and for private parties, functions and tastings.  As a member of the Boston Sommelier Society, I occasionally take on the role of sommelier for a local winery.

My vocation as a trial lawyer has served me in good steed for teaching about wine – particularly for people who want to learn without the pressures of a know-it-all, as I am quite comfortable with groups both large and small.  Perhaps more importantly, I’m keenly aware of, and have made it my business to simplify things to people (usually judges and juries), that they know nothing about in a way that is neither condescending nor confrontational.

The end result is that when I teach about wine, I make it fun and simple to understand.  After all, it’s wine, not nuclear physics.  I find it irritating listening to lecturer snobs go an and on about superfluous complexities as if the world will spiral off the deep end if I can’t taste this or that.  No, it’s wine – liquid food, social lubricant, to be enjoyed, not lectured about.

Here you’ll find wine tasting tips, upcoming tastings and events and a view into some of the classes and services I offer.