Owning a wine cellar is a long-term commitment.  The decision to design and install a wine cellar in my house was an obvious one, but it also required a significant level of planning for the future as well. Although I mainly cater to wine cellars in Boston, Massachusetts, I am available for wine cellar planning and consultation throughout the area.

organized wine cellarWhile the traditional method of organizing a wine cellar is by country or region of origin, broken down by vintage, red or white, that has changed in recent years with the inclusion of so many new wine-producing countries with a multitude of sub-regions and styles.

Today, it generally makes more sense to organize your cellar by style, weight and intensity of wine, thus encompassing many countries and regions in each category.

Needless to say, organizing still requires knowledge about the regions, as well as methods of production, and with more or less emphasis on vintage.  That said, once setup, a cellar organized by style is generally far more efficient and results in a cellar owner understanding not only the styles and what goes into them, letting the owner hone in on the types and styles of wine that he or she may prefer.  Interested in planning or organizing a wine cellar in the Boston area?

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