Everybody has their own unique learning style.  Some prefer academic classroom settings, others prefer to learn in the privacy in their homes, others learn the best on a whim.  My educational background in wine includes a little bit of everything – an inspirational trip to Beaune, France with nothing but my taste buds leading the way, touring wineries and speaking with wine producers, formal training on tasting, regions, etc. – and I believe that there are benefits to be found in every learning style and experience.  Take a look at class descriptions, there’s a little something for everyone.


Neal Local Vines Wine Class

Join me at Local Vines and Gourmet in Cohasset, MA for weekly wine education classes.

Interested in offering your customers the gift of education and expertise?  Together we can craft wine classes aimed at teaching your customers a little bit more about wine while emphasizing your store’s selection so that they can get more out of your tastings.  Boston winery and retail stores can benefit from customized and goal-oriented tastings.

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At Home
rom the comfort of your own home, we can design and plan custom wine courses including tastings.  Whether it is for a party or an event or for your own pursuit of education, there’s no place like home.

ife is about choices – and wine is, too.  Perhaps you want to read up on Spanish Rioja’s before going to Spain, or want to make wine and meal pairings make sense,  why not a customized wine class based on your purposes?  A bachelorette party with a focus on sparkling rosés, end of the year company parties, choosing the best wines for your Massachusetts wedding…if there’s wine involved, we’re there.